Saturday, January 31, 2009


If you were here, I would pull you in my office by the hand, close the door and push you up aganst it. I would grab you by the back of the head and pull your mouth to mine, maybe a little to hard at first. My tounge seeking out the smooth surface of yours, enjoying it's softness before it reacts and they begin there little wrestling match. I stop just for a second so I can bite your bottum lip and as you react I grab a handful of hair and pull your head back your mouth open, I spit in your mouth and immediatley stick my tounge back in to retreave it. Your lips are all wet, I can't get enough of them,the taste of your mouth, the heat, It's an all out feeding frenzy. The zipper on your jeans hurts, but I can't stop rubbing aganst you, the heat so encoraging. Our lips getting a little numb, a little swollen. just makes me want to kiss you more and more.



the joy and pain of adoring youth, i really want to write this in response to the many thoughts and feelings the "adonis" post has given me, but I'm watching a Boston Legal mini marathon. The three young lady's of this show have my complete attention at this moment.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

um broken

I coulda' had a blowjob before work today but I declined.

I'm being a little bitch right now.
I won't stop.

I have to have minor surgery, completly minor, on my right eye.

I get to rock a black eye patch for a week, I should be happy.

I'll see better, I should be happy.

Alright get over yourself, it's not like I'm loosing a kidney

Saturday, January 24, 2009

and a fine day for cleavage it has been

I was jerking off today, oh what a surprise, and I heard something out side the window, it was my nextdoor neighbor cleaning her yard. She's not a hottie, but she's very cute in a librarian kind of way and has big boobs and when she's working outside she bends over a lot exposing a lovely line of cleavage. Although I didn't look out the window at her while getting off, it made it all the more exciting that she was there. I imagined her sneaking up to the window and watching me, getting all wet, reaching into her pants and fingering her self. I imagined how soaking wet her hand is sliding two finger's in and out of her swollen, hot pussy. Knocking her glass's off, licking her lips, spreading her legs apart so she can reach in a little deeper.The tension builds, she's biting her bottom lip to keep quiet, her legs are starting to quiver, her underware is soaked. Ah yes!

I went outside afterwards to get the mail, we chit chatted for a moment. Yup I would definitely fuck her gladly.

Friday, January 23, 2009

monkey man

I've been spending far to much time masturbating. I get up at 9:00am and usually leave for work around 2:00pm, I usually manage to do it 3 or 4 times in that time span. This is not good for my productivity. I often wonder why I can be such a perve. There are many factors I'm sure but I always wonder about one thing in particular, my testicles. When I was 6 I mouthed off to two drunk teenagers that were bothering me and my friends, as a result one of them held me down while the other one repeatidly kicked me in the balls till I passed out. I had to go to the hospital and had to take drugs for a few months. My left testy is half the size of my right one. I think the kicking or the drugs jump started my adolescence at 6. I started jerking off at 6. I remember the first time I came, I freaked out for half a second, I thought I had broken something. So perhaps shooting a load at such a young age and becoming obsessed with Playboy and Club at such a young age has contributed to my overall freakiness to some degree. I've been very lucky though, women like to fuck me, but even with all the fine feminine poltitude hanging all over my bod in congluetness(JJ walker)I masturbate all the time. It's just something I do, alot. I will continue to analize why I am such a perve, keep you posted.

Just for the record, many years later, one of those teenagers was beat so badly he spent six months in the hospital. A year after that it happened again, poor guy.