Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GF's sometimes save U from yourself

I met a girl the other evening
lovely as lovely can be
dark dancing eyes
sexy as sexy can be
six feet in her heels
she made me laugh
as clever and funny as she was beautiful
instant chemistry, the kind that can kill you
with a smile on your face
she licked the tattoo on my forearm
then kissed my hand to say goodbye
I watched her walk away
tattoed in old letters btw her shoulder blades
slayed was I

Friday, February 5, 2010

can't always fight it

my lip splitting

the taste of my own blood

the taste of your blood - my mouth

warm inviting

the violence of your touch

like a warm caress

I'm at home here

not always well adjusted

thats not how I was bred

my comfort zone

i wanna hold your hand

Thursday, February 4, 2010


At first it's like warm sweet sticky ice cream dripping down the side of your hand

so close you can smell her sweet breath

Her eyes unflinching as they look into yours

getting lost in the moment

Taking in the lovely skin that wraps around her face her throat

the neverending lovelyness of her black hair

it would feel like heaven brushing across your body

The small side to side movement of her bottom lip tells you to take a taste

and it all changes

Now it's like carnage against a back drop of a slow motion train wreck

bones breaking hearts breaking blood flowing staining

Changing the course of your life for one sweet kiss

one taste of new flesh

You've been here before, you know better

walk away

ignore the biting of the pouty bottom lip as you walk away

just walk away

she knows not what she asks

I know what I do