Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fuck you x thirty three

Fuck you aganst your office door.
Fuck you in a Tokyo hotel room.
Fuck you in a sweet way.
Fuck you in a degrading way.
Fuck you with mascara running down your face.
Fuck you with your face mashed into a pillow.
Fuck you while you smash my head into the asphalt.
Fuck you in your jeans you havent washed all week.
Fuck you on an old dirty matress.
Fuck you doggy style, collar, leash, etc...
Fuck you in pigtails and a pretty dress.
Fuck you when everyone else is done fucking you.
Fuck you in your own filth.
Fuck you in your prom dress.
Fuck you while you watch weird porn on the internet.
Fuck you when were spent.
Fuck you while you talk to strangers on the phone.
Fuck you while we laugh.
Fuck you as we pretend to be well adjusted adults.
Fuck you bent over a chain link fence while a crowd gathers.
Fuck you while I pull your hair a little to rough.
Fuck you while you smack me in the face.
Fuck you spitting on you.
Fuck you with a strangers cock in your mouth.
Fuck you on a roof in a lightning storm.
Fuck you like I care.
Fuck you anyway you can take it.
Fuck you on the floor after fight club.
Fuck you sleeping.
Fuck you like an excited teenager.
Fuck you till I hurt.
Fuck you like a 70's porn star.
Fuck you sticky sweet.

Friday, April 17, 2009

sensitivity training

were you just abusing yourself to donny and marie?

I should piss in your ass, you little fuck, little dirty fuck.

don't cry, you know your my best girl.

R U a little bit country or a little bit fucked up?