Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bow wow wow-yippy-I-yippy-ya

I'm at work, I'm bored.
I miss gettin' some doggy style....
My girl has a very cute tiny butt that looks good in her lucky brands but when comes to some good hard slammin' from behind, it can be down right painful. Acrobatic sex is good with a little woman and on top works out well, but most of my life I've been women built for a good hard fuckin'. Not fatty's but curvy, built women, that's what I'm in the mood for right now. I'd like to wake up tomorrow feelin' a little rung out and bruised, sore cock and all. Know what I'm saying?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'd fuck her, just not now

Completely fucking hot tattooed punk rock girl just called me, a bit drunk.

" Hi ******, What's up?"

"Somethings been bothering me, I have to ask you something, OK?

"Ask away."

"Remember my Halloween party a few years ago? Remember our drunk sex conversation?"

"Kinda, but not really, What's your question drunk girl?"

"You told me you wanted to tie my hands together and fuck me doggy style, pulling my hair and smacking my ass, all that good shit,and I don't understand why you didn't try to fuck me when you left your wife? I thought you thought I was hot. I think your girlfriend is really cool and all, but I thought at least I'd get one shot in there somewhere. And don't even say.... I know at least 2 women, sorry one woman and one 19 year old girl you fucked after your wife, so don't tell me I'm to young! Well?"

I was totally caught off guard, why hadn't I? I can think about that later, need to get drunk girl off the phone.

"We've talked about some projects together and the work with your band I've done, I don't want to fuck that up, know what I mean?"

"yeah maybe...." Click she hung up the phone. That sorta worked.

I'll admit here that I remember our drunk sex talk. How she described how she would suck my cock and put my balls in her mouth and how she wanted to be fucked in the ass and so on. I still go to her my sp@ce page and jerk off while looking at her pictures, I'm still thrilled when we bump in to each other, but I don't need the drama. Her life seems to be draped in drama and I don't tolerate that so much as I get older. Holy fuck though she is smokin', maybe when she gets a little older and tires of all the drama. Whatever, that's all......for now.

(that's not her pic above)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


You wanna fuck?

I do and you?

I do but I need some props cause I really don't wanna be me fucking you, k?

k. What do you need to get this thing moving?

I want Japanese twins with clear blue candy colored strap on cocks DP'n you while I fuck there faces till snot pours out there nose's, as they simultaneously punch me in the mouth until the adrenaline caused by the taste of blood, overtakes any other sensation that I am feeling.

That sounds a little complicated, do you know some twins that would do that?

Yes, they are in the closet fingering each other. I lied, no I don't. I don't wanna
fuck you right now.

Fine, I'm going into the kitchen and explore the vegetable's in the fridge.

Fine, I'm gonna go jerk off on your mothers picture and then go vomit while I hate myself.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I bought a book at a garage sale today for a dollar, the Amok Journal. Strange storys of all kinds from around the world, I of course had to read the storys of death caused by machines used in sexual acts first, go figure. This guy somewhere in the midwest used to dress up in ladys lingere, tie his bound feet to the shovel of his back hoe and manipulate the control levers with ropes he had tied to them. He would raise the back hoe and jerk off and then lower himself back down, except the last time he did it something went wrong and the back hoe slammed to the ground and crushed him. Another guy would rig the stearing on his car to go in a circle and tie his body and balls to the back bumper and run behind the car. One day something happened and the chain got caught in the back wheel and he was torn to bits. Are these cases of way to much time on there hands?