Friday, July 23, 2010

Eat to the Beat-side 1-track 1

I'm kneeling between her legs on the step below her, I'm alternately kissing the tears on her face and her soft mouth. Her eyes look pretty with tears in them, she looks beautiful in her heightened emotional state. I glance around at the old dying disheveled foyer of this building that must be condemned, the sun shines through a broken window and it all looks perfect, she looks perfect. I want nothing more at this moment than to kiss her and make her tear covered face smile.

And then the whole building and the girl starts sliding down a funnel, I'm reaching to grab her and all of it but the funnel is slick.....
"come on wake up, we have to got to the vet." A cup of coffee thrust in my hands as I sit up. I'm sad as the dream slips away piece by piece. Jennifer Garner played the girl, not usually in my top ten actress's I like to have in some way, but she was perfect, I can still feel her faintly on my lips. I sit outside with the dogs for a moment starting to wake, I think of every girl I've kissed and every girl I've entered and how in some way, even if only for the moment I have loved them all.