Sunday, November 23, 2008

wash, rinse, repeat

I got a blowjob going through the car wash today. First I got the 6.00 dollar one, basic wash and rinse, not knowing what I was about to get, we went through a second time and got the 14.00 deluxe, this takes longer. In those breif moments when I could see through the windsheild I watched a woman vacuuming her trunk, she had very large breasts,hanging down and swaying back and fourth as she worked the trunk. I wanted her to turn around and make eye contact while I was being sucked off.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Right, so it's an a d d wack morning, I can't concentrare on one thing while stroking it. My desktop is on, which has two monitors, and right next to that is my laptop. On the laptop is a movie with a blonde feathered hair latino girl, she's thin but curvy and has large breasts, and such a sweet face. She's just doing a slow strip and touching herself alot. I also like this clip because it looks like it's shot in the same hotel room as another clip I like with a black haired mexican girl that I like.

On monitor one is a gg g movie with this girl named sara, either she is getting fucked very hard by two, three, four, five guys or she's getting cummed on by many while having a girl or being held by a girl. It all leans twords the rough side, except for some bad pole dancing fills, but I'm hot for sara. I didn't actually watch gg g stuff until I happended upon sara, I dig her.

Monitor #3 is showing a slide show of many different pictures, covering many different kinds of women, sexual acts and not.

This sensory overload usually leads to one thought or fantasy in my head which works for me. Sometimes nice and sometimes not. Sometimes as my legs relax and I look down at the mess i've made, I wonder where the fuck did that come from.

Friday, November 14, 2008

face fck

My girl and I went to a house warming party a few weeks ago, it was one of those parties’s where there were a handful of people you like and the rest are mostly people you can’t stand from work, and then there was the one woman with the messy Farah hair like yours, who once offered me a blowjob at work before she left, at any point my girlfriend wasn’t near by she was there flirting with me. As the night progresses and everyone is getting good and liquored up her flirting is getting a little more overt, she can’t stop tracing her lips with her fingers and then sucking on it when our eyes make contact. I keep thinking, if I keep her hair in her face then I could pretend it’s you, so I keep playing this little game with her as I man the bar. By the time we leave we are pretty drunk and I am completely fucking worked up.
Get home; take the dog out, etc. I go into the closet to throw on some shorts and my cock screams up at me, “Hey I’m fucking dying down here!” I start to stroke it a little, just to try and make it feel better. I look around the corner into the bedroom and my girl is lying there with her head over the side of the bed with her eyes closed. Mmmmm…..I walk over and tap her on the lips with my cock, her mouth and eyes open simultaneously, her slack drunk mouth feels nice, but I’m feeling a little more aggressive than she. I pull her hand from my shaft and grab it at the base and squeeze, I want my drunk cock so hard it hurts. My other hand goes to the back of her head for guidance. I’m pulling it out and slapping her on the lips, the cheek, back in her mouth, pushing against the inside of her cheek, her throat. At first it’s just a sloppy grind fest, but as my cock gets harder I start to find my rhythm. It’s all greed at this point, I don’t even stop as she gags , this goes on for several minutes. I look down to see her eyes clenched and makeup tinted tears rolling down her cheek, Then some little voice in my head asks, “Am I being to rough?” I start to withdraw when I feel her nails dig into my ass and my body being pulled back to were it was before the thought. I pull it out of her mouth and smack her with it, “You like that?”
“mmmm smack my face,fuck my mouth, use me.” That’s all I need, I grab her by the back of the head and just start pounding her mouth and throat. The more degrading I speak to her, the harder she digs into my flesh with her sweet sharp nails. I may be imagining it at this point but the greed of my cock is being matched by her mouth, working violently together. I’m getting that feeling, my skull feels like it’s splitting open, I’m totally going with it, my thoughts are everywhere. I’m completely in sync with her mouth, which to me at this point is a fuck hole. It’s every cunt, ass, mouth, I’ve ever wanted to fuck. I’m working it hard, my body’s beginning to tense, my balls begin to contract, the first shot is fast and strong, her head jerks in my hand, I pull out and lay a nice rope of cum across both her lips and up her cheek and then a nice puddle on her neck and chin. Spent.
The next morning she asks, “ Why did you call me Tracy twice when you were talking dirty?”

what's in the box?

A wise woman once said, "When I get this way…this not happy, not satisfied, incomplete way…I observe that I get hyper-sexual. I tend to over-self-pleasure. I tend to watch porn a lot. I tend to think creepy thoughts about creepy people and non-creepy people." This blog shall be my version of that. I will share my experiences and fantasies, both healthy and not so healthy. I will welcome any guest posters who want to get something off there chest. I hope to maintain a sense of humor about this and not worry about what a closet pervert I can be. That's it before I think about this to much.