Wednesday, July 22, 2009

like a smoke.

Just eat me, devour me in my entirety
I'm sick of giving piece by piece, be done with it
my lust for you makes me weak, although you are not my-you
your pale skin and the stinging of your lips are not all there is
except when i want a break from all for a moment, the sight of you
youthful,nasty, pretty you.
harmless pretty you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hey hey my my

what if you could take your soul out to wash?
mine might look like a plum, bruised purple outside,red juicy inside.
i'd use a brillo pad and some candy blue dish soap to scrub it clean.
if this was an option, would it be a daily thing or a last resort type thing?
what happens if you drop it and it rolls away, no soul for the day?
i would smear your lipstick all over it and lick it.
fuck you with it maybe, perhaps give it to you and take a long nap.